¿Qué hacer cuando desechamos un vidrio quebrado?

What to do when we discard a broken glass?

Glass is one of the materials that can be 100% recycled, it is a waste that due to its characteristics is easily recoverable; In addition, it reduces air pollution by 25% and air pollution by approximately 50%, each kilogram of glass collected replaces 1.2 kg of virgin material.

Although it is common to have to dispose of broken glass, we usually do not know what to do with the large, intact pieces of glass that we want to get rid of. Disposing of glassware is easy, as long as you take a few basic precautions.

First, the glass must be separated by colors, the most common being: Crystalline or transparent, Green, Brown or amber. A glass bottle can be reused between 40 and 60 times, with 95% less energy expenditure than recycling. Glass pieces or debris should be stored in containers according to color, allowing for careful and responsible handling.

For proper handling of glass, you should wear gloves, thick-soled shoes, and glasses that will help your personal protection; Also, you must put a double bag to avoid accidents while you are recycling the glass, you put the glass waste inside the bag and then put it in a box that will have to be labeled and well identified with what it contains so that the people who work collecting the waste does not suffer any accident.

The recycling of glass brings great benefits, mainly environmental: such as the conservation of natural resources, less pollution and reduces the amounts of garbage that we produce daily.