Energy generation

The waste goes through a process to be converted into energy, which begins with the collection and later, the treatment that is given to them in the Nejapa Landfill.

The next step is the supervision of the solid waste decomposition process. As waste is deposited in the landfill, it begins to break down through a series of complex chemical processes. The main decomposition products are leached liquids and gases.

For the handling of the resulting gases (BIOGAS), at MIDES we have designed and installed a collection and collection network throughout the existing cells, to be delivered to the electric power producing plant.

MIDES started the capture of methane gas to prevent environmental pollution and a joint venture with an international company to take advantage of the gas and produce 100% renewable electricity.

Training of personnel

We have training plans for our clients' staff in different specialized areas, including:

  • Handling of hazardous materials.
  • First aid, basic and intermediate.
  • Risk and disaster prevention.
  • Control of outbreaks and fires.
  • Contingency plans for risks, mitigation and response.
  • Methodologies and guidelines for staff participation, according to response levels.