El Manejo de desechos sólidos inicia en casa

Solid Waste Management Starts at Home

Actions to contribute to a clean country begin in our daily practices. Among these, the solid waste management that we start at home, which we can carry out through a series of steps that contribute to making the garbage generated in homes easier to treat. 

According to MARN data, waste in the country is made up of: 58% organic matter and 42% inorganic matter. 

The composition of the inorganic fraction is 2% aluminum, 2% glass, 11% plastic, 19% paper and 8% other materials. 

Organic matter is the remains from cleaning or preparing food along with leftover food. 

How can you contribute from home? 

  • Separation of disposable materials and materials that can be reused.
  • Recycling and recovery of materials.
  • Composting with organic waste. 
  • Solid waste incineration.